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…that those who are called to be here in Montana are called for a reason, no matter what age, status, or stage in life. It’s a place where courage, honor, and determination are fundamental and are celebrated. I believe in honesty and transparency in every transaction and relationship, and I pledge to serve you with energy and integrity as you begin your new chapter.

Get to know Nikki

What’s a native Floridian, award-winning songwriter, and retired world traveling flight attendant doing in northwest Montana? And why does she feel called to help people find their dream properties?
“Coming from a military family,” Nikki says, “I’ve lived many places and traveled the world, but when I came here to the Flathead, it was like coming to the place I belonged. I felt called to be here, and for others who have heard the call and followed their dream to live in Montana, that makes perfect sense. I’m excited about the opportunity to encourage and serve others that may be dreaming of their own move to Montana.”

For Nikki, the move a decade ago was driven, in part, by her desire to raise her children in a place where nature and self-reliance was up-close and personal. There is a sense of security, possibility, and individualism in the Flathead that Nikki and her husband knew they wanted to impart to their children.

“We are avid ATVers, campers, and hikers,” Nikki says. “Discovering the glory of creation as a family has brought us together in ways that continue to amaze me. We’ve discovered so many beautiful little gems in Montana, off the beaten path and filled with natural beauty and wonder — hidden waterfalls, natural hot springs, amazing vistas. In the process, we are learning that being faithful stewards of the land is not only a great idea, but a necessary tool for independence and self sufficiency.”

Nikki and her family live on what she likes to call a “provider property.” A home with enough acreage to grow vegetables, keep a few chickens and other animals, and live a centered, independent life. Her personal experience has given her knowledge about everything from harnessing alternative power to raising livestock to maintaining an orchard. It is this expertise that her clients have come to appreciate.

Although she’s lived in NYC, Minneapolis,and Detroit, traveled every continent except Antarctica, taken degrees in music history and flute performance, and won awards as a Christian music songwriter, Nikki’s passion for helping people find Montana and their perfect place in it literally blooms around her.

“When I introduce someone to a place that provides the security, independence, and family cohesion they’re looking for…well, only a few things are that rewarding.”

Active in the Bigfork community, Nikki served for years as a leader for Boy Scouts of America. She started the Bigfork Bucket Band as a volunteer for the ACES/LEAP after school program, and is currently a coach for the Bigfork Middle School Yearbook. Nikki is proud to have been a founding Board Member/Director for Child Bridge, which finds homes for Montana’s foster/adopt children by raising awareness in churches across the state. Active in her church music ministry, Nikki continues to serve the community with her musical gifts.

As a realtor, Nikki is looking forward to serving you and helping you realize your dream of living in Montana.

What Nikki's clients have to say...

Working with you has been one of the highlights of our move, and your enthusiasm and assistance have made all the difference. You gave us all the time we needed and did a fantastic job setting up showings, adding showings, adjusting, suggesting, and generally meeting all our requests. It’s been a gift having you as our representative and advocate through the process and sharing our excitement in finding just the right home. All our many questions were answered promptly, thoroughly, and professionally. I would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone who asks 🙂

Marcie and Duane Jacques

“Working alongside Nikki was like having a consistent ray of sunshine brightening my day. Her honesty and integrity were apparent in her every day work and on a personal level. “

— Alisha May, business owner

Nikki consistently demonstrated all skills that a top notch organization looks for in an employee. Nikki provided highest quality work with integrity, humor, leadership, flexibility, creativity and true compassion. Not only did she provide work of high standards but Nikki did so while having a good time. Anyone getting the opportunity to work with Nikki will be fortunate!

-Valerie Radecki, training curriculum and design for Delta Airlines

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