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Where awesome views, waterfront tranquility, and outright fun live side by side.

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Dotting the shores of the West’s largest lake, Polson, Lakeside, and Somers are true “relaxed lifestyle” towns. Maybe it’s the stunning and ever changing views or the proximity to water and recreation that creates such an easygoing vibe, but at a lake community, each new day brings adventure.

Whether sailing through an unexpected storm, or kayaking for miles along pristine shoreline, or pulling in a forty-pound Mackinaw Trout, Flathead Lake communities offer unbeatable tranquility with excitement du jour. Modern public beaches, parks and docks make the generous amenities of these waterfront communities accessible to all.

Watch. It’s almost like being here!

Set sail.

Beauty all year.

Kids are never bored!

Flathead Lake: The Basics

  • Population

    Somers: 1,200 Lakeside: 2,800 Polson: 4,700

  • Elevation: 2,894

  • Shoreline: 185 miles

  • Public Access Points: 13

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