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Children gathering garden produce in Flathead Valley, Montana.

Drawn to that Western spirit of rugged individualism?

We love helping others locate the properties that fulfill dreams of getting back to the land and living a more self-sufficient lifestyle. From couples escaping the congestion of city-life, to those just seeking more privacy and security, we know the Flathead Valley and how to find exactly what you’re looking for.

What is an Off-Grid Property?

It depends on the lifestyle you want. Here are the four essentials we recommend you consider.


Water is Life

Look for an established dependable well or a high water table. A spring, or a small lake or stream on the property is a bonus and will attract bountiful wildlife.


Acres Matter

Don't settle for less than two, but more is better. A vegetable garden and a few chickens require less, but livestock and orchards require more.


Variety is Key

Look for properties with two or three resources. Fertile soil, mature orchards, serviceable structures and geothermal micro-climates.


Privacy & Protection

Your ideal property is off major roads. It offers privacy and vistas as well as accessibility to emergency medical services, fire protection, snow removal and grocery supplies.

RiverBend Agent Nikki Frizzell Talks Off-Grid Living

One Family, Two Acres, All In!

Jul 16, 2015
Who says you need 100+ acres to live self-sufficiently? There are many families moving to Montana with that deep ...
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